Early bird square
First Doesn’t Always Mean Winning
Financial Wellness03/27/2024

According to the American Heritage Idioms Dictionary, William Camden was the first to record the saying, "The early bird gets the worm." He included it in his 1605 edition of English proverbs.1 Its...

Reitre Misconception square
Misconceptions of Retirement
Financial Wellness02/28/2024

Everyone’s road to retirement looks different. Life circumstances, family size, spending habits over your lifetime, can all change everyone’s end goals and retirement dates. Don't be fooled by common...

What are Target Date Funds?
Financial Wellness02/21/2024

Target Date Funds, also referred to as TDFs are a mix of different types of stocks, bonds and other investments in a single solution. All intended to help you prepare for retirement and structured to...

Estate Plan_square
Love Means Having an Estate Plan
Financial Wellness02/14/2024

Estate Plans are not just for people with “estates”. An estate plan is like a road map for making sure your wishes are carried out when you pass away or are unable to make decisions by yourself. 1...

Pay Yourself_square
Pay Yourself and Reduce Current Taxes by Fully Funding Your Retirement Accounts
Financial Wellness02/07/2024

The federal government has been periodically increasing the contribution limits for individual and workplace retirement accounts over time. Using the incentives of lower or deferred taxes, they are...

Financial wellnes_square
Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness12/13/2023

The first step in creating financial wellness is to gain knowledge. Knowledge is power—the power to build robust financial health. The more you know, the better. The financial world can be complex...

Important Birthdays
Financial Wellness11/29/2023

Most children stop being "and-a-half" somewhere around age 12. Kids add "and-a-half" to make sure everyone knows they're closer to the next age than the last. When you are older, "and-a-half"...

Financial Fitness_square
Be Financially Fit
Financial Wellness11/01/2023

To be financially fit, shift your money mindset and set goals for yourself and your family. Manage and prioritize your spending and create sustainable habits to last your lifetime and pass those...

Dollar Cost Avg_square
Understanding Dollar Cost Averaging
Financial Wellness10/25/2023

Dollar Cost Average (DCA) is an approach to purchasing an investment in which the buyer spends out their purchases so that the total price paid is less affected by market timing.1 It is a strategy...

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