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We help employers of all sizes optimize and make informed decisions about their retirement plan, while improving the retirement readiness of their employees.

Financial Solutions for Businesses of All Types and Sizes

Many moving pieces make up an employer-sponsored retirement plan, which is why many companies find that it is in their best interest to partner with a retirement professional who can provide assistance with a variety of plan- and participant-related activities, including administration, education, and general consultative services.

The experienced financial professionals at AssuredPartners Investment Advisors are dedicated to providing plan sponsors with the tools, training, and dedicated support needed to minimize fiduciary risk, enhance investment opportunities for employees, and provide ongoing due diligence to support a “best practice” retirement plan.

Our team can also help you retain your key employees with certain non-qualified plans and insurance such as:

  • 162 Bonus Plans
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Buy Sell Insurance

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Keeping a Balanced View of Money
Financial Wellness04/10/2024

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Don’t Let Emotions Get in the Way of Your Financial Plan
Wealth Management04/03/2024

Taylor Tepper, a financial journalist for Forbes, writes that when the vast majority of us try to trade stocks for short term gain, we do a horrible job. "We sell them when we should buy," he says,...

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First Doesn’t Always Mean Winning
Financial Wellness03/27/2024

According to the American Heritage Idioms Dictionary, William Camden was the first to record the saying, "The early bird gets the worm." He included it in his 1605 edition of English proverbs.1 Its...

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