Participant Outcomes

We are dedicated to improving retirement readiness for your employees while they are in-plan, preparing to retire, and after they have left the plan.

Committed to Your Employees' Success

Retirement plan participants often struggle with decisions about how to invest their retirement assets. Knowing exactly what they’re doing and why are key ingredients to long-term success. But how do we help ensure they have this level of clarity?

The journey toward retirement success requires discipline, prudence and ongoing learning about investing. AssuredPartners Investment Advisors offers ongoing investor education designed to help your employees navigate crucial investment decisions and provide them valuable guidance to help make smart choices. We also serve as a resource for all employees to answer any questions related to Investments, Retirement Planning, Financial Planning, and any individual needs they may have.

Our participant services include:

Develop and deliver on-going employee education

  • Articles and newsletters
  • Webinars and seminars
  • Videos

Group education meetings

  • Focus on plan enrollment
  • Economic and investment overview

Optional 1-on-1 meetings for individual coaching and motivating

Optional Financial Wellness program

  • Importance of saving
  • Nearing retirement
  • Behavioral finance

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