Is A Solo 401(k) Plan Right for Your Small Business?
Retirement Plan Sponsors12/27/2022

If you work for yourself, you may want to consider establishing a solo 401(k) plan for 2023. A solo 401(k) plan is a unique savings option for small business owners without employees, or if the only...

Is a PEP Right for You?
Retirement Plan Sponsors11/01/2022

Providing employees with a quality retirement savings plan may seem out of reach for smaller or start-up companies. But a key provision of the SECURE Act introduced a new option, called a PEP,...

Delaying-Retirement _GRID
Employees Are Delaying Retirement
Retirement Plan Sponsors10/17/2022

  Covering living expenses in retirement and having predictable retirement income are common financial goals. However, concerns about inflation, health care, and market volatility have worsened...

IRS Delays Amendment Deadline
Retirement Plan Sponsors10/11/2022

Until recently, qualified retirement plans that operate on a calendar-year basis were required to amend their plan documents on or before December 31, 2022, to address the Setting Every Community Up...

Small Missteps Can Lead to Data Breaches
Retirement Plan Sponsors09/27/2022

Cybersecurity threats are increasingly more sophisticated and dangerous. For retirement plan sponsors, the need to understand the scope of the risk is as critical as the protocols and best practices...

DEI and Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan
Retirement Plan Sponsors08/30/2022

Does your company-sponsored retirement plan align with your company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts? If you haven’t considered it, it may be time. In addition to providing financial...

Inflation’s Impact on Retirement Plan Savings
Retirement Plan Sponsors08/09/2022

The past two years, beginning with the COVID pandemic, have put pressure on Americans’ finances. From job losses to market volatility to soaring inflation, the economic toll has tested their...

Does Your 401(k) Plan Stack Up?
Retirement Plan Sponsors08/01/2022

  Retirement plan benefits are a key factor in an employer’s overall benefit strategy. To ensure that you are not only providing a competitive plan, but also to confirm that your plan is...

Plan Features May Improve Employee Retirement Savings Rates
Retirement Plan Sponsors07/12/2022

Concerns about having enough saved for retirement are nothing new; however, there are ways for employers to influence employee savings rates. A recent study evaluated two common parameters used by...

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