Don’t Stop Striving to Achieve New Habits After January Passes

03/01/2023 Written by: Kristine Simmons

New Year’s resolutions are thrown around like confetti at the stroke of midnight January 1st. It’s common to vow to continue good practices or change undesired ones in the new year.  Most people work hard at the newest version of themselves for the first few months but lose momentum going into March.


It is common to commit to going to the gym, taking the stairs, eating more vegetables.  But, what about a healthier financial life? What is going to help you create the retirement you dream of? Consider resolving to do all or some of the following:


1.      Revamp your budget (your needs change every year as you and your family grow and change)

2.      If applicable, make long-term plans for you (or your child’s) student loans

3.      Revisit your insurance coverage (your insurance needs change with each passing year as well)

4.      As you age, receive salary increase, look at boosting your retirement contribution

5.      Set an amount that’s comfortable for you to save in 2023 – something set aside for a rainy day

6.      Make an extra payment – whatever debt you have, make one extra payment (you’d be surprised what one payment could save on interest)

7.      Minimize your clutter and make a little extra money – clean out your closets and consider consignment, online thrift stores or hold a yard sale

8.      Seek to increase your credit score by paying bills on time and paying balances off quickly


Make sure your goals are measurable and then hold yourself accountable to achieving them. Your future self and family will thank you!

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